Monday, February 20, 2017

Upside Down


Well as you know, now I'm on semester breaks. Which is the fifth semester breaks. It's gonna end soon. 2 weeks from now. And I will go back to Selangor a week earlier which is on 24th February, this upcoming Friday.

Sedar tak sedar aku dah berjaya menempuh 5 semester. Tinggal lagi 3 semester where this September I will do my internship (oh so close already - very nervous).

I want to recap a little bit about this semester (semester 5) which was slightly different with previous semesters. Silibus dah masuk fasa lain (talking about studio). Students need to concentrate more on doing research, critical thinking, brainstorming, generating new ideas and translating all of that into some reports. This is also applicable for another 2 semesters (exclude internship). Another subjects also tak kurang mencabar sebab we're working more on theories, laws, policies etc. Oh my brain are very weak on these kind of things. Readings. Facts.

Untuk studio, kami kena buat beberapa stage of reports such as Laporan Awalan, Laporan Teknikal, Laporan Pemeriksaan (kami tak perlu buat) which all these reports have their own roles in helping us to create the final product, Draf Rancangan Struktur Negeri (DRSN). Oh ya. Kami buat dalam Bahasa Melayu sebab kena ikut akta perancangan bandar. (I'll be explain about this and all things related to my degree studies later on another post).

This time our site was in Perak. And guess what? Kami wajib cover semua kawasan kat Perak yang besar tu. As usual, site visit only 7 days maximum. Memang tak sempat la nak pergi singgah semua kan. Pergi yang penting or ade significant landmarks je. Tu pun menyesal sebab susah sangat bila tak pergi tengok sendiri dengan mata ni keadaan semua tempat. Nak depend on secondary data sangat susah sebab ada data yang insufficient due to some problems. Kena buat thorough research.

Banyak problems yang timbul along the way. Problems tu sangat menguji diri every each of us. Project ni buat in big groups, small groups and as a whole class. Not a single thing in individual. Yes. Part gaduh mesti ada. Huru-hara sangat. Allahu. Bila bekerja in groups ni macam-macam dugaan. Ada yang tak buat kerja, tak participate, lepas tangan. Macam-macam lagi la. Sangat banyak cerita air mata. Air mata tu dah jadi best friend dah. We failed to meet every deadline of submissions. Always postpone. Nasib baik lecturers terima. Tak tahu kenapa banyak sangat problems. Final presentation pun tunda. Memang study week kami tak study siapkan final report and preparing for final presentation. Banyak inner problems actually. Tu semua between us. Let we kept them within ourselves. Sampai satu tahap I feels like I want to erase this semester. Taknak ada memories pasal semua yang jadi for this 5 months.

Semester ni sangatlah banyak pengajaran. Above all, the most important lesson, it taught me to be more matured and kena pandai bawa diri. Jangan terlalu percaya kat orang. Be kind and jangan sombong, jangan berasa diri tu lebih daripada orang, jangan ego. Ramai lagi orang yang lagi bagus lagi elok daripada diri kita. Orang yang diabaikan tu nanti la yang akan tolong kita. Dalam dunia ni kita bukan hidup sendirian. Buat baik dengan orang lain so that orang pun akan berbuat baik dengan kita. Kita takkan mampu hidup sendiri sedangkan kita bernafas ini pun dengan ehsan Allah SWT.

On the authority of Abu Hurairah (رضي الله عنه) who said: the Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) said:
“Look at those who are beneath you and do not look at those who are above you, for it is more suitable that you should not consider as less the blessing of Allah.” [Bukharee (6490), abridged & in Muslim (2963) in its completion.]
A person should not long for this dunya (world). Nor should he be troubled by what falls upon him of calamities. He should be patient and seek his reward with Allah. Whether he is poor, sick or suchlike. The dunya is a place of trials! He should therefore not be troubled due to that which falls upon him regarding trials and tribulations. 

Footnote: I'll write about the site visit to Perak later (interesting part of all).

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