Wednesday, January 27, 2016



Well it's the 2nd week I'm at home for semester break. And there are 3 weeks left (at home) - will go back a week earlier. Yeah as usual, absolutely bored. Haven't done anything productive. Just spending my time with my bed - rolling rolling and keep rolling on my bed, and of course filling my tummy like all the time. Duh. 

Nothing important. Just having the urge to write something here. To keep my blog updated while I'm free. Maybe a little bit about me - my likes. Nah it is just something that can make me feel warm and calm; make me feel at ease.

The wind. Ala not that strong or kencang wind. You know it's the sepoi-sepoi-bahasa-menerpa-muka kind of wind. Yes that one. This is the reason why I really love beach. Sangat suka as I can go there all alone. The feel of the breeze can keep me calm. But I don't really go there often. The only thing I do just sit at the balcony at home - every evening. Sebab even kat Kelantan ni panas at noon, tapi petang mesti ada angin yang sejuk. So agak best untuk layan perasan, fikir masa depan or muhasabah diri sikit. Sometimes tu hanya dengan duduk diam-diam sambil lepak rasa angin lalu, I can smile ear to ear you know. Dia macam terfikir betapa besar dan indah sangat ciptaan Allah. And then bila